Simple, stylish and local

Sunflower Logistics started with the idea of creating unique floral arrangements with a more avant-garde design. Since 2020 Marcos, the founder, started offering his services and expertise in flowers to various florists in Melbourne. Now with the help of a new member and designer they are trying to find a more modern and exotic style that will stand out in Australia.

Marcos moved to Melbourne in 2017 to complete studies in Project Management and along the way took up a role working for a wonderful florist at the well-known Prahran Market. I didn’t know it at the time, but that role set me on a path towards finding a truly rewarding
career. I started learning about different flower colours, styles and pairings, and most importantly how to help customers identify their perfect arrangement.

I have remained working in floristry since then, and have decided that the wonder and happiness that flowers and greenery bring to me and others shall be my life’s work. I have since moved on from that very first role to now having worked
with the vast range of Melbourne’s suppliers and traders, from your local friendly florist to the high-end boutique vendors operating in the industry.

I am constantly fascinated, inspired and excited by being a part of floristry in Australia and I am so happy to be able to share my story with you.

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